Tuesday, 6 January 2015


TEXT: PSALM 106:32-33
“By the waters of Meribah they angered the Lord, and trouble came to Moses because of them, for they rebelled against the Spirit of God, and harsh words came from Moses’ lips.”
The Israelites had been a bunch of problem on Moses right from the time they left Egypt, as soon as the Lord parted the Red sea for them and drowned their enemies in the sea, they forgot how powerful the Lord God is. All the wonders that the Lord did in Egypt for Pharaoh to release them, all the protection God gave to them by becoming fire by night and cloud by day to shield them, the Manna and Quail supplied for them in the wilderness were forgotten by the Israelites.
As soon as they wanted something, they started grumbling and complaining making reference to the life they lived in their land of slavery, regretting leaving Egypt.
Their attitude shows that of the ungrateful hearts that appreciates instant favour or help. As soon as the period of the favour or help is over, they don’t see any reason for appreciation again. This can be very painful and disappointing.
Moses knew what he went through before he could come to face Pharaoh for the release of the Israelites, he knew how hard and difficult it is to single-handedly lead a multitude of people, men, women, children and their animals out of slavery, through the Red sea, the wilderness, to an unknown destination (promised land).
Moses exchanged Royal robes for rags to deliver the children of Israel, yet the people refused to appreciate or have the heart of gratitude to God and Moses. Instead they complained bitterly about God and launched their anger on Moses as God representative that they could see. The Israelites wanted water and they started their usual complaint. Maybe Moses that had been condoling their complaint and their excesses got fed up; he reacted by uttering harsh words to them in anger.  Moses was too provoked that he missed the instruction that God gave to him, God became angry with Moses and vowed that Moses would not take the Israelite to the Promised Land.
Despite Moses’ efforts and struggle, he missed it all at the last minute. Provocation made him to miss God’s plan for his life even though he was not at fault!
Many believers have been provoked to leave their place of assignment, either by their pastor, pastor’s wife, or other members of the church. It is prevalent these days that people you are helping in their ministries will end up not seeing what you are doing, instead of appreciating the calling of God upon you and thank God for bringing you their way to lift their hands up in the ministry. All you would get from them is insult, complaint, and abuse. The scripture admonishes us in Galatians 6:9 that we should not become weary in doing good... don’t let anyone provoke you to leave your place of assignment. You will reap the reward of your good work in due season if you do not give up (Galatians 6:9).

You must run this race to the end, you MUST finish well. Fight the good fight of faith, AVOID PROVOCATION

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