Thursday, 26 June 2014


Here I am oh Lord, craving to know and do your will,
The flesh and its work are contending, protesting
And wagging war against my decision.
Flesh and blood cannot fight this battle,
Human knowledge and wisdom can do nothing,
By your help and with the Holy Spirit
I can win this battle warring against my soul.
You my God are like refiner of Silver and purifier of Gold.
Refine me lord and purify me for your use.

Here I am oh lord, thirsty for your truth always,
Blessed are those that long and thirst after righteousness,
For they shall be filled your word says.
 Fill me with your truth Lord; so that your truth can set me free
Nowhere else can the truth be found; except in you
Give me the grace to be rooted and grounded in you,
For one thing I ask from the Lord, that I may dwell
In your house all the days of my life, this I desire oh Lord.

Bola Folakemi Praise
copyright 2014