Tuesday, 11 March 2014


TEXT: PSALM 37:7-9
“Be still in the presence of the lord and wait patiently for him to act, don't worry about evil who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper, it only leads to harm. For the wicked will be destroyed, but those who trust in the lord will possess the land.”
As human beings we all have one need or the other that we want God to meet in our lives. The Economists says “Human wants are unlimited but the resources are limited.” Once a need is met or fulfilled, it opens door for another need. For example if you are praying to God to give you a husband or a wife, once that prayer is being answered, there will be need for children in the matrimony, then the need for God’s provision to take care of the children. It continues like that, therefore there will always be a need for God to meet to make us happy.
Because of the limited resources, unlike the people of the world that would embark on unholy or shady means of meeting their needs, as believers we need to wait on God to meet all our needs (Philippians 4:19). In the quest for us to meet our needs, or due to urgency of the need, we tend to forget God and want to get things done with our human wisdom. The bible says you should commit your ways to the lord and He will direct your path. Many times you feel you have committed your ways to God, but of a truth you have not done so.
Some people would map out what they want, they will set time limit, decide how to get it done or how to achieve their purpose, and they will then take it to God for “endorsement.” This is not what God meant when He said we should commit our ways to Him. When committing your ways to God; He must do the planning with you, He must be the one that will give you the time limit, how and when to get things done must be from Him.
The period of waiting could be a very painful and challenging period, nobody likes waiting, we want to desire a thing and get it instantly. As painful as waiting is, as frustrating as we think waiting could be, you need to wait for God to bring out the best in you! This is where many believers have failed God, they believe God’s time is slow and seems not forth coming, therefore they give up on waiting on God and they go ahead to try something that is against the will of God for them. if you wait for God to act like our text said; you will experience bountiful blessing that nobody else can give you. Therefore if you have a need and you want to experience divine breakthrough and everlasting joy, you need to wait for God. If you run ahead of God to get things done on your own, instead of success; failure and frustration will set in. if you eventually get it done your own way, it may not last.  That time that you think God is not acting, or God is delaying, He is behind the scene working on your behalf to bring out the best for you. The period of your waiting determines what your success will be. For example the period of pregnancy of an Elephant is longer than that of a Dog, and when they both give birth to their babies, the reason why the duration of the Elephants’ pregnancy takes longer than that of a dog is seen on their babies. If you want to enjoy lasting blessing that will surpass your counterparts, you need to wait because nothing good comes cheap, and whatever the devil gives you will never last and it will end in sorrow. Therefore wait for your divine turn around.