Sunday, 9 February 2014


TEXT: (1 SAMUEL 17:38-40)
“Then Saul dressed David in HIS own tunic, he put a coat of armour on him and a bronze helmet on his head (trying to be somebody else). David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around BECAUSE HE WAS NOT USED TO THEM. I cannot go in these he said, because I am not used to them, so he took them off. THEN HE TOOK HIS STAFF IN HIS HAND CHOSE FIVE SMOOTH STONES FROM THE STREAM. PUT THEM IN THE POUCH OF HIS SHEPHERD’S BAG AND WITH SLINGS IN HIS HANDS (Being himself), APPROACHED THE PHILISTINE.”
God created each one of us uniquely, the bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God created you to be you! He did not make any mistake in creating you with all the features, characters and talents that He put together to become you. Some people are not satisfied with the way God created them; they are interested in becoming somebody else.
Trying to make yourself into what God did not design you for would only end in frustration. You are created for a purpose; all that you would need to fulfill that purpose has been embedded in you by God. The moment you try to change who God created you to be, all the potentials that God has put in you would not match what you are trying to RE-MOULD yourself into, then you may be malfunctioning (confused and unproductive).
When Saul dressed David with his own tunic, a coat of armour and bronze helmet, Saul believed because they worked for him (Saul) they should also work for David. Instead of David being comfortable and secure in the king’s tunic and helmet; he was uncomfortable! Why? Because they are not for him, he was not created or designed for that. When he took off the tunic and helmet and became himself by taking his STAFF, FIVE SMOOTH STONES, AND HIS SLING, he was confident to approach the giant of Philistine. The lesson here is that you may think that the values in you are of less importance or value to other people’s gift and talent, but that is what God will use to launch you out; like He used the inexpensive sling, stone and staff to launch David out by helping him to destroy Goliath. If he had gone in King Saul’s expensive tunic and helmet, he would have been defeated because he was not used to them. All the potential that will make you to become who God wants you to be are in you. Therefore be yourself and don’t try to be someone else, so that you will not be uncomfortable!