Tuesday, 7 January 2014


“You will seek me and fins me when you seek me with ALL your heart.”
Seeking involves committing yourself with all seriousness to discover a particular thing. The result of your discovery depends on the level of commitment and zealousness you put into what you are seeking. If you commit quality time and resources, you will achieve greatly than a person that committed little or no effort. The length and the amount of time spent in seeking something makes a great difference in the result you would get. God made us to know how we can seek and find Him You will seek and FIND ME when you seek me WITH ALL YOUR HEART.” Therefore if you want to seek and find God, you need to seek Him with all your heart. Seeking God is not what you can do in a hurry, you need to commit your body, soul, and spirit and it has to be a continuous exercise. As long as you are still breathing you cannot have enough of Him! Therefore is advisable to seek Him daily.
Some people only see the need to seek God when there is a problem, when they have a need to be met the come seeking God. This is wrong! Because they are not seeking God with all their hearts. They came seeking because of their needs, they want the gift but they are not interested in the giver of the gift. There are some set of people they seek God when things are working well for them, if they encounter any problem along the line; they turn their back on God believing that God has disappointed them.

Seeking God with all your heart means that in good and bad situation, you will not change your mind against God. This can be done when you are not serving Him for all the benefits you would get from Him, rather for Him being your creator, your lord and your Saviour. To seek God with all your heart you have to prioritise Him above every other thing, study and live in obedience of His word. Trust him with all your heart and allow Him to lead you. Praise and worship Him and pray ceaselessly. Devote your time to love Him and spend quality time with Him, NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU WANT HIM TO DO FOR YOU, BUT BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS.