Tuesday, 24 December 2013


TEXT: JAMES 2:10-11
“For whoever keeps the law and yet stumbles at just one point, is breaking all of it. For he who said, “Do not commit adultery, also said do not murder. If you do don’t commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a law breaker.”
What God requires of His children is ABSOLUTE obedience, and He would not take anything less than that (Though He is a merciful God). God delights himself in obedient children and not those that obey Him partially. As parents; we love all our children but we show extra love to the child that listen to our instructions. This applies to God, He loves all His creatures, but He shows extra love to all that keeps His commandments. If you want to please God, you cannot choose what you want to obey; obeying only the commandments that are convenient for you and ignoring the “difficult” ones will be counted as disobedience to God. When God told Moses to speak to the rock so that the Israelites can drink, Moses obeyed God but not fully, he struck the rock when the instruction was to speak to the rock. This was counted against Moses as disobedience and was unable to enter into the Promised Land.
In 1 Samuel 15:10-21 God was angry with Saul for disobeying His commandment. Saul was sent to go and kill all the Amalekites and wipe them off without leaving anything behind. Saul obeyed God by going on the mission the lord assigned him, but his disobedience came when he got there and kills some and brought back their king and they also brought back sheep and cattle to sacrifice to the Lord. The instruction given to him was wipe them all off, but he disobeyed by bringing things back for sacrifice when God did not ask him for sacrifice. Lot and his wife are another example of people that obey partially. They were told to leave Sodom without looking back. They flee Sodom quite al right, but the wife disobeyed by looking back and she paid dearly for it.
God has laid down the commandments that we need to follow so that we can be His children, and all that we need to do is to follow it to the letter. One act of disobedience is capable of rubbishing several acts of obedience.” (Pastor E.A. Adeboye, volume thirteen 2013, Open Heavens devotions).  We are fond of saying “God understands” without trying to attain perfection. Some joke that they are not Virgin Mary or saints, therefore keeping all laws is impossible. They justify themselves by saying “I am obedient in this and that, but the only weakness I have is in this area of …. And God knows I have tried.” God wants us to be 100% obedient. There is always a room for improvement, don’t stay at that level of obedience, keep striving until you attain perfection. We all need His grace to be able to do his will to perfection. May the lord bestow on us the spirit of absolute obedience in Jesus name.
Anything that the devil will use to draw us to perdition God will deal with by His grace.  If you obey all laws and you fail in one, you have failed in all! May the lord help us to live in obedience in Jesus name.