Wednesday, 4 December 2013


“You can enter God’s kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide FOR THE MANY WHO CHOOSE THAT WAY . 14 but the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, AND ONLY A FEW EVER FIND IT.”
Inasmuch as our God is sovereign and all powerful, yet he does not impose or shove anything on us. He has the power to enforce anything on us His creatures, yet He gave us the autonomy to make choice. If you study the scripture; you would observe that when God was speaking to the people of Israel, He told them the benefit of obeying him and the consequences of their disobedience; He would then leave the ball in their court. Whatever choice you make today will impinge on your future. God will not force anything on you; He will not impose His will on you (even though He knows better than you). He will only analyse to you the cause and effect of any action you take.
The text describes the way to the kingdom of God as narrow, this is because the kingdom of God is not for all and sundry, it is for those that are sanctified, those that are separated from the world and unto God. For example; having an international passport in most cases does not guarantee you entry to every country. What guarantees you is having the country’s visa stamped on your passport. If your international passport is not stamped with the visa of the country you want to visit, you may be denied access to the country, except if the country is a visa free country. The only access to the kingdom of God is HOLINESS (difficult road). Holy living is the visa that you need to gain entry to the kingdom of God (Without holiness no one can see God. Hebrew 12:14).
All believers have the “passport” (accepting Jesus as your personal lord and saviour). But it does not end there; you need to work out your salvation with fear and trembling by living holy, so that you can gain entry to His kingdom. The road to the kingdom of God is difficult because there are rules guiding you on how to walk on the road. These rules are the opposite of what our flesh is craving for. For you to walk the road successfully you need to walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-17).
Our visa to see God is HOLINESS and God will not bring down His standard for anything that is why He made the gate to His kingdom to be narrow because many people will not enter it. May the lord count us among the few that will enter through the narrow gate in Jesus name.
You would be scrutinised properly before you would be given entrance to the narrow gate, you cannot rush in, you cannot go in convoy, none of your family member can go in with you base on your on account, except if they meet the criteria. We will all stand alone and give account and be examined before we would be allowed in. The race to heaven is a personal race, there is no group judgement, and the gate is made to be narrow so that there won’t be escape for anybody by running in or dodging in with friends and family.  There is order in heaven, so we will all be on a straight line and wait for the judgement. Going in through the narrow gate cannot be achieved through our human effort and wisdom; we need the grace and mercy of God to be able to reign with Him. Ask for the grace and mercy to please Him today, SO THAT YOU CAN ENTER THROUGH THE NARROW GATE.

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