Sunday, 17 November 2013


I was hated by the world,
Yet I love all creatures,
I was beaten and despised,
Yet I have compassion for all men,
I was humiliated and tortured,
Yet I show mercy to mankind,
I was wounded and bruised,
Yet by my stripes you were healed.

I was thirsty and was given sour wine,
Yet I give living water, the river of life,
I was arrested by the Sanhedrin guards,
Yet I give freedom and set captives free,
The world was hostile and resentful to me,
Yet I showed humility and meekness,
I was oppressed and afflicted,
Yet I did not open my mouth.

I was nailed on the cross and became weak,
Yet I give strength to the weak in spirit,
 Betrayed by Judas; helpless I was on the cross,
Yet I am the help of the helpless,
All these I did for you, I paid the price in full
I died in your place because I love you,
 I died for you so that you can live for me,
Are you living for me? Or nailing me on the cross again?

By -Bolatito
© (Bolatito .c. Peter) (2013)
All right reserved