Friday, 11 October 2013


Nothing in this world can give us comfort except the Almighty God Himself. Your wealth cannot comfort you neither can your children, spouse, academic qualifications, or your status in the society. God is the only permanent source of comfort.
Some people are wealthy, happily married with children to show for it. They can afford everything easily and conveniently, yet they are not comfortable, they don’t have peace of mind.
In the same vein, some people can hardly afford three square meals, yet they are happy and comfortable, because they did not see what they don’t have as a problem, neither did they miss on out on these things. This is so because they have the peace of God reigning in their lives, the Holy Spirit is dwelling in them. “But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things…” (John 14: 26). The Holy Spirit teaches all things including living in comfort, even when everything seems not all right.
This is the advantage that we believers have, because we have God and the Holy Spirit living in them, this enables us to live and have positive reaction to any negative reaction they find themselves in, because they have the assurance  that God and the Holy Spirit are there to make things right for them. The Holy Spirit comforts us with peace that the world or any material things cannot give.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to console you in sorrow, encourage you when you are down, and to comfort you in affliction, so that your peace would not be taken away by any unnecessary worries. Believers have a burden bearer, who bears their burden for them, and comfort them from all their worries and burden. (Matthew 11:28). Holy Spirit is our comforter; invite him to your life today to comfort you from every worries of life.

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