Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Dream killers are enemies of progress that does not want you to achieve your God given purpose for your life. They can be among friends, relatives, family, colleagues, neighbours, fellow believers and people “working” with you for the achievement of your dreams.
Dream in this context would be defined as “God given vision for you to achieve purpose in life.” Your dream is the seed of greatness that the lord has planted in you when He created you. The purpose of your dream is to launch you out to limelight and make way for you and take you to a higher level that nobody can take you to.
For your dream to be achieved, God has assigned some people to work with you so that success can be achieved. Some of these helpers may be those that will assist you financially, they are those that will play the part you cannot play, because a tree cannot make a forest. For example; if God has given you the dream to write a book, you will need the assistance of proofreaders, editor, and a publisher for you to achieve the purpose. If these people are not available to play their part in making the dream to become a success, it may be difficult to achieve your aim. Some people that God has assigned to render assistance, may decide to hold on to what God wants them to do concerning your dream, they want you to be frustrated and forget about the dream.
Another type of dream killers are those that will hear about your dream and do all they can do to discourage you, giving you one thousand and one reason why you cannot do it. Another type of dream killers are those that will be very jealous and make sure that they do everything to frustrate your dream. Some dream killers can be called dream hijackers as soon as they hear about the dream they will try to run ahead of you to make the dream theirs. At times it may be the devil that is at work, the devil may want to truncate the plan and purpose of God for your life by using those that are suppose to be your destiny helper, to become your destiny destroyer like Joseph’s brothers did to him. They were supposed to support him to fulfil his dream, but they became his enemies and hated him because of his dream. Once your dream is moving towards manifestation, your friends may become your worst enemies. One good thing about our God is that He can never be caught unaware; He had prepared substitutes for every dream helpers that wants to turn himself or herself to dream killers. If the dream is from God; it will be achieved without them. Joseph’s dream was achieved even though it seemed unachievable due to what he went through; God gave him victory over his dream killers. God will give us victory over every dream killers in Jesus name.
If those that are suppose to join hands with you to fulfil your dream are frustrating you, never allow them to fulfil the devil’s purpose in your life, don’t let them turn your glorious dream to a nightmare. Forget about them and focus on your dream, the dream was given to you alone, their support or help is immaterial for God will raise better destiny builder (Substitutes) for you. They may think they have achieved their purpose of frustrating you when the dream is delayed, but in due season they will know that no one can stop what God has set to do in your life. NOT EVEN THE DEVIL THEIR MASTER! Hold on to your dream for it will surely come to pass though it tarries. (Habakkuk 2:2).

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