Tuesday, 17 September 2013


 Though I may not know what
The future holds for me,
But He is the all knowing God,
That knows the end from the beginning,
I knew me before I was conceived,
He knows what He wants me to become,
He has planned how I will achieve my purpose,
And I am confident that He will guide my steps
And lead me on my way to destiny.

Though the picture may not be clear to me,
Though the future may look bleak,
But to Him my potter and creator,
My future is clear and sure to Him,
He wrote the script of my life,
To give me a glorious future
And the expected end of success,
I am confident that my unknown
Future is known by the all knowing God.

Though the road may seem rough,
The sky may be full of dark cloud,
But one thing I am sure of is that,
He has not brought me this far to leave me,
He will make all the rough way to be plane,
The dark cloud will bring glorious light,
I am confident that He that started this
Good work will bring it to perfection.

By -Bolatito
© (Bolatito .c. Peter) (2013)

All right reserved

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