Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Jesus told the Pharisees that any kingdom divided against itself will be brought to desolation and any city or house divided against itself shall not stand. This scripture is affecting the body of Christ today, there is a saying that in unity we stand in divided we fall. Ministers of the word, evangelists, and preachers are moving away from the mandate God gave to His children. “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel.” Instead for the body of Christ to come together in unity to preach the word of God to bring the lost back to God, they are busy preaching “church, denomination, and self acclaimed superiority. The focus of their preaching is on what they do in their ministry, what they don’t do, how better they are than the rest of the preachers, what some preachers are doing wrong and things like that. It is as if they are competing for superiority among themselves, losing focus of what their primary calling is, “TO PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS” and not their various denominations or their local parishes.

I was watching a pastor on one of these Christian channels, all he did was to talk about this pastor and that pastor doing what is not good comparing to his own ministry. Imagine a preacher paying for airtime just to come and condemn, pull down and point accusing finger on fellow pastors! Some preachers come on air to ‘preach’ themselves and not the gospel, they make listeners to see that they are doing the right thing in their ministry, while the rest of the preachers are not doing things right. Making people to see them as if they are the best thing that can happen to humanity,  they come on media to condemn, compete and boost unnecessary ego and neglecting their primary purpose (To preach the gospel of Jesus).
Having said this, there are many genuine, heaven bound preachers that use their airtime to preach the undiluted word of God, without condemning, criticising, or pulling any fellow preachers down.
Jesus did not send us out to go and preach denomination, or our own various ministries, but one message, HIS LOVE TO HUMANITY.

It does not make sense to come on air just to tongue lash fellow believers, telling them what is right and what is not right. The scripture says we should not judge, if you think a preacher is preaching what is not right, you can come on air to preach what is right without condemning others. We are soldiers of Christ; we should not be fighting ourselves. If there is clash of interest, cold war, strife, and condemnation of one another, we can’t win souls to Christ. We should be united to work together to preach the gospel of our lord Jesus.

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