Friday, 9 August 2013


You can't buy God's salvation,
For the lord the price did pay,
And so eternal life is free,
To all who come today.

It was not bought with silver,
Nor was it bought with gold,
It took the precious blood of Christ
To bring me to Gold's fold.

It took His blood so freely shed
To cleanse me from all sin,
He is the way to heaven above,
Through Him i will enter in.

It's through His blood that we can have
Victory everyday,
And we have boldness through His blood
To draw near to pray.

And when we reach the glory shore,
Each blood- washed, ransomed one,
The theme of heaven's song shall be
The blood of God's dear son.

Has that blood been thus applied
To wash your sin away?
Don't wait until tomorrow,
When God calls you today.

By-Joy Patterson

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