Monday, 15 July 2013


There may be something we need to change in our lives before we can get our breakthrough. To some it may be their names, some may need to change their character and their ways of life, before God will release His blessing on them.
When Abraham and Sarah were childless; it was after God changed their names that the promised child came. Their affliction stayed with them until God renamed them. Jacob experienced exceeding greatness when God changed his name to Israel.
When God changes people’s names, it is for good and the change of names always fetch them blessing. Apostle Paul was known as Saul when he was persecuting Christians. When the lord met with him on his way to Damascus, he was renamed by God so that he could fulfil destiny.

No matter the situation that you are in, it does not matter the names your situation or circumstance has given you, God is ever ready to hear you when you call on Him. He is also capable of changing any negative circumstances in your favour. He will rename that ugly situation; He will erase the negative names that people are using to describe you.
Jabez was named a child of sorrow, he cried unto God and God granted his request by enlarging his coast.
Be rest assured that , that situation, circumstance, affliction that has stigmatise you is not going to be forever, because you are serving a living God, the God of divine turn around that turned scarcity to abundance overnight in Samaria, that situation will be renamed in your favour and to the glory of God.

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