Tuesday, 9 July 2013


TEXT: JOHN 15: 1-5
Jesus is the vine, he is the true vine, the root is the Holy Spirit, and believers are the branches of the vine. As the root of a plant is unseen; yet it gives strength and nurtures the tree to grow and bear fruits, the root bears the tree. A tree cannot grow without the support of the root; Holy Ghost is the root in which Jesus Christ is able to grow as a vine that can sustain branches that will bear fruits.
 To achieve fruitfulness; these three parts of a tree are inseparable (root, vine, and branches). The vine cannot sustain itself without the root; neither can the branches live to bear fruit without the root and the vine.
As believers, we must always abide in Christ who is our vine, because he has not disconnected himself from his root (Holy Ghost) so that all the nourishment that the branches (believers) need to bear fruits (achievement) can be gotten from him.
If a branch that is very rich and green falls from the vine, within some days the branch will dry off and die, because it has disconnected from the channel that brings nourishment to it. Also as believers; if we disconnect from our source (Jesus) we would be spiritually dry and weak. Jesus is our source of strength and achievements through God. We cannot say because we are progressing and successful, that we don’t need God again.
When Jesus came as human being, he never did anything without God. Acts 10:38 tells us that Jesus waited to be anointed with Holy Ghost and power before he started his ministry, and through out his ministry on earth; he did not disconnect himself from God and the Holy Spirit.

In our text; Jesus said God is the gardener; He is at alert to cut off any branch that is not producing fruits. This shows that God did not create us to stay the way He created us, He wants us to be productive, and He loves fruitfulness! He said we should be productive and subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28) He does not want the earth to subdue us. Go ahead now, continue to be fruitful and let your fruitfulness be to the glory of God. Do not allow success to disconnect you from the true vine, there may be other “vines” but Jesus is the only TRUE VINE.

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