Saturday, 27 July 2013


Having a large number of people in your congregation is not as difficult as retaining them. Many churches experience upward and downward slope in the statistics of their church members. This minute the church is full the next minute people are out of the church.

It is not because they are not ready to serve God anymore, neither is it because they are too busy to come to church. Their absence from church may not be because somebody in the church fought with them, but because they have not seen what they are looking for. (a convenient place of worship).
The motive of going to church is to meet with our maker and fellowship with Him, people need some physical things to keep them in the church; to have personal encounter with the Lord. (As we all know that it is not everybody in the church that is genuinely saved). They need to have the revelation of who God is; they need to develop genuine love and interest in God. This can be done by fellowshipping with fellow believers. For them to continue fellowshipping without pulling out; they need to be motivated in the following ways:

·        A convenient and conducive environment- Make the church auditorium convenient for people to worship.
·        Create a friendly atmosphere for everybody, both old and new members: there should be a warm welcome to everybody that finds their way into the church so that they would feel welcomed and want to come back.
·        Inspiring and Spirit filled praise and worship session- Many people attend church because of the worship session, praise and worship connects people to God. It is crucial to make the church worship session to worth its while.
·        Impactful and soul lifting sermon- It is very important that the church leader should seek the face of  God for inspiration on sermons that will inspire and touch the lives of the members of the congregation. Sermon is the food for the soul, as food is important to the body, so also is sermon to our spirit man.
·        Follow up and visitation of both old and new members- The church may decide to have a group that will be in charge of follow up (Checking on the new members/ converts) this can be done by texting, calling them on phone and visiting.
·        The pastor should be approachable and have listening ears, not to gossips but to people’s area of need.( Prayers, advice, intercession, and material needs)
·        The pastor should not be angry when his attention is been drawn to something that needs to be corrected.
·        The pastor should not expect a “perfect” congregation (church is a spiritual hospital where all manner of spiritual sicknesses are being healed). Jesus said it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick... (John 5: 31). Many people are in the church for God to transform them.

  • The church should not be run as the extension of the pastor's home, therefore Issues should be treated with curtsey and respect.
·        Let you service and church activities involve all ages (that is create something for all ages, do not leave anybody out, let everybody be involved). For example, quiz and debate, outreaches, camps and other Godly gathering will help the congregation to grow.
·        Active and result oriented evangelism team- The team should be evangelising constantly, an open day event can be planned for people in the locality to attend. After the open day event, some new members would join the church.

  • the impact of the church should be felt in the community, be part of what the community is doing, look at the need of the community and try all your best to do what you can to help the community.
·        Prayer- above it all, you need to pray without ceasing, Jesus Christ said “no one can come unto the father who sent me, unless the father draws him.” Don’t underestimate the power of prayer, pray, pray and pray without ceasing, for He has promised to build His church and the gate of hell will not prevail.
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