Friday, 5 July 2013


The word of God advised us in Ephesians 5:15-16 that we should walk as wise and not as fools, redeeming the time because the days are evil.
People are fond of saying “I am just doing this or that to kill the time.” Doing anything to kill the time means a waste of time; you cannot achieve any meaningful result when you are killing the time. Your time is so important that you should not waste a second of it engaging in an unprofitable thing because a second wasted cannot be regained.
Every tick of the clock is taking away your God given years on earth. That is why we should engage our time wisely, because we don’t know when we will finish our race on earth. Time is an investment; if you invest it rightly, you will reap the reward, so also if you invest your time wrongly.
Redeeming the time shows that you are walking as wise and not as fools that are killing the time, in fact they are not killing the time but their potentials and their future!
Those that redeem their time engage their time in things that will bring out the potentials that God has deposited in their lives. They invest their time wisely so that no second or a minute is being wasted. The difference between time killers and time redeemers is that, time killers do not care about how their time is being spent, because their time is meaningless to them, so at the end of the day they have nothing to show for it. However with time redeemers, every minute counts! They engage their minds, hands, and thoughts in things that will sprout out the potentials in them. They take inventory of their daily achievements, because they understand that the way you spend your time, will determine your future.
There are so many ways these days that people are killing their time, these are: spending time talking on the phone, surfing the internet for things that add no value to their lives, spending hours watching Television and movies, sleeping for too long and things like that. By the time they finish all these; better part of the 24 hours has been spent on things that have not imparted their lives. Remember that some people spent their time to invent the phones, Televisions, games and other things that you are wasting your time on. Make use of your own time so that you can leaver a good legacy behind.
The seed of greatness in you cannot become a mighty tree if you don’t nurture it to grow. God the seed in you, but you need to water and nurture it for the seed to become visible for people to see.
If our time is not spent well, the seeds that God planted in us would remain seeds, but if you use your time wisely; the seed will become a mighty tree. It takes hard work and time consciousness for any seed of greatness to sprout up for the world to see.

Walk as wise and not as fools, redeem your time rather than killing your time. Time killers are killing their destinies, time redeemers are building their destinies. Use your time wisely; take stock of your daily achievement. Set goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Make strategies to achieve your goals, and strive to reach your goals.

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