Friday, 26 July 2013


A family consist of father, mother and their child(ren). We are all different in character and attitude, but in one way or the other we tend to imitate or imbibe character and attitude of people that we relate with, either consciously or unconsciously. This is why the bible says in 1 Corinthians 15: 33 that “Do not be deceived, evil communication corrupts good manner.” The type of the company you keep, the type of family you are from, the environment you live in play a vital role in your life. Every member of a family should live and relate together in love and harmony, they should share ideas and things together in love and never live in hostility towards each other.
Directly or indirectly; whatever behaviour, character and habit that one member of the family has will rob on other members of the family. Character and attitude are like river, they flow to the rest of the members of the family. If a member of the family is mean and hostile, the rest of the family may follow suit. I am the type that loves things to be well organised and done perfectly. The place I reverence most in the house is my bed; I can’t stand to see my bed messed up. I could not stand it when the smallest part of the duvet is not straight and neatly laid!  Because of this I used to tell my children not to sit on my bed, if they have to sit, I will be telling them how to move, sit, turn… giving an endless instruction they need to follow to sit on my bed.
Overtime, I noticed that my children had cultivated this habit from me; they started telling themselves the same thing I used to tell them. “You can’t sit on my bed, my duvet will be messed up, your leg is…… One day I realised that they have started responding to my attitude, I quickly corrected the negative flow of attitude, and they also started accommodating and tolerating themselves. The positive things in me also they imbibed, when people are living together; they respond to all characters and attitudes both positive and negative, this is where it is important to ask God to help us and reveal to us where we need to make amends. Children learn what they live, if they live in a friendly environment, they will love and be nice to everybody around them, if they live in hostility, they will be hostile to people around them.

As Godly family, we should love and respond together in love, in fear of God and in prayer. Families should not live in hatred, anger, malice, bitterness. As parents we are to lay a good example for the children, because they will respond to our attitude thinking that it is the best way to live. They see us as their role model. Let us live to impact positive things into our children, so that they can also impact their children and their generation positively.

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