Thursday, 18 July 2013


TEXT: GENESIS 26: 1-3, 12
God knows the end from the beginning, He knows what we do not know, and He sees what we do not see. What we see as the best option for us may not be what God want for us. We may be looking for  breakthrough from a particular area, and God may be saying to us “THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT FOR YOU.” God does not make mistakes; He knows what is good for everybody, before you start anything; He knows where it will end.
If you follow God in obedience, I can assure you that you will not regret doing so. There was famine in the land where Isaac was living, maybe Isaac was planning to relocate to Egypt where there was no famine, but God appeared to him and told him not to go down to Egypt, God said he should stay in the land where there was famine and He would bless him.
In the midst of famine; Isaac planted in the land, and the same year he reaped a hundredfold; because the lord blessed him. Isaac was able to live in abundance in the land where there was famine, because he obeyed God. If you allow God to direct your path, He will guide you towards achieving your goals.
God will never support what He did not tell you to do, He will not guide you in the path He did not send you to go through. God told Isaac not to go DOWN to Egypt; this means that his steps to Egypt could have been a downward step that would not add any positive thing to his life.
Egypt at that time could be economically buoyant than the nation that Isaac was, but God does not want him to go there, He does not want him to engage in anything that can truncate his destiny. Egypt in this context may mean going into sin or going back to your old ways. God is telling you today NOT TO GO DOWN TO EGYPT! He will make a way for you where there is no way, in that land or in that place of work, that business that is not going on fine, the lord is assuring you today; to be still and know that He is God. It was in the midst of the famine that Isaac planted and reap a hundredfold. If you don’t go down to Egypt ( giving in to sin) while you are trying to fix thing your own way, God will make you the envy of people, when people are saying casting down; you will be saying lifting up.
Is there any famine (challenge) in your life? Listen to God in obedience; do not involve yourself in anything that can lead to sin. Never allow any problem, situation and affliction to take you back to Egypt (old life). Wait on God and He will see you through.

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