Tuesday, 23 July 2013


TEXT: PROVERBS 25: 16-17, 27
Whatever you do in excess becomes an abuse, it is good to eat to keep healthy, but too much of food can pose danger to the body. Desire to live a comfortable and prosperous life is very good also, but getting too desperate to get rich by all means is dangerous.

God is not against us living a good life, He is not against being able to afford all we want, but He does not want us to go to the extreme in achieving these things. Lust of eyes have put so many people in trouble, they want to have all that their eyes  can see. This “unhealthy appetite” is of different ways, some have appetite for food, they love food and they can do anything to satisfy their appetite. Example is Esau, he sold his birthright to his brother because of food. There are some “food addicts” that cannot do spiritual exercise like fasting, because they cannot do without food.
Some people have appetite for opposite sex, that they won’t mind going extra mile to achieve this. A lot of people had met their Waterloo as a result of this. Examples of people that had appetite for women are Samson, Solomon, and David. Samson ended up his life as a result of his “unhealthy appetite” and was unable to fulfil God’s purpose for his life. Solomon’s appetite for women caused him to start marrying ungodly women, that turned his heart against the Almighty God to their foreign gods. David’s sinful appetite for Bathseba caused him to get Uriah killed, so that he could marry his wife. Some people have appetite for power, they don’t mind hurting, or killing for them to get into power. The fight for power happens in the church also, they may not go to the extent of killing physically, but they  are  killing their “opponents” with the word of their mouth.

Let us search ourselves and notice things that we crave for; we need to control that appetite before it destroys us. Go to God to reveal to you all “unhealthy appetite” that you need to control. May the lord help us to live our lives to please Him in Jesus name.

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