Friday, 26 July 2013


TEXT: 2 KINGS 4: 2- 6
When the widow came to the prophet to ask him for help, she did that because she knew she could not help herself, she believed that going to ask for help from a higher authority would empower her to get solution to her problem. She explained her problem to the man of God and the man of God told her what to do.(To borrow empty vessels from neighbours, and start pouring the bottle of oil in all available vessels.) she kept pouring this bottle of oil in the empty and available vessel, when all the vessel were filled up, the oil stopped flowing. (2 Kings 4:6)
We are spiritual vessels and we need a higher authority (God) to empower us to fulfil destiny. The Almighty God is ready to keep pouring His “oil” into us, so that we will be relevant and equipped for every good work. As long as present yourself “ empty” and “available” to God, He will continue to fill you with His holy Spirit and power, so that you can be strong and do exploit in His kingdom.

Nobody can pour anything inside a full vessel; it can only retain its content without any room for an additional substance. This is why we should always come to the presence of God as empty vessels ready to receive and retain all He wants to put in us. We should not be arrogant because that level you are is not where God wants you to be, He want to take you higher, He want to keep pouring His ceaseless oil in you, for you to mount high like an Eagle. There are a lot of ideas He hasn't revealed to you, present yourself empty so that you can retain more of His power. Pride has made the anointing in some people’s life to cease; they have become full with pride that is no more space in them for more oil! When all the vessels in the widow’s house were full, the oil ceased flowing, so also as spiritual vessels if we allow pride, selfishness, bitterness and other works of flesh to fill us, we may not have space left for God to pour His oil. This can make us to be spiritually stagnant. May the oil of God upon us never cease in Jesus name. (Amen.)

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