Sunday, 30 June 2013


"Ye will not come to me,"
Hear the sadness in His voice,
Not 'cannot' come, but 'will not' come,
For they had made their choice.

They stayed with prejudice and sin,
With stubborn heart and will,
Preferring the devil, who is come
To steal, destroy and kill.

"Ye will not come to me
That ye might have life," He said,
The One, who shed His  precious blood
And died in our stead.

"Ye will not come to me"
Does the lord say that of you?
Though you have proved His goodness
Leading you to repentance, too.

Behold now is the accepted time,
Behold, now is the day
Of salvation, so don't put it off,
There's danger in delay.

Danger, that His Spirit
Shall not always strive with man,
Danger that death's hour shall come,
So trust Him while you can.

By- Joy Patterson

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