Sunday, 2 June 2013


God is a sovereign God; He is not limited by anything. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Once He is set to do a thing, nothing can stop Him. Hence Luke 1:37 says “with God nothing shall be impossible.”
God can use any channel to achieve what He wants. He works in ways that no one can understand except him alone. That is why He’s been referred to as “THE MYSTERIOUS GOD.”
When He was set to deliver the Israelites from forty years slavery, He decided to take them through the wilderness to the red sea, and then to the Promise Land, that is flowing with milk and honey. He led them from Egypt where they had little, to wilderness where there was nothing, and then to the Red sea where there was danger of drowning, finally to the promise land where there was abundant.
The journey of the Israelites was long, full of hardship, but He achieved what He wanted for them. God is able to achieve everything for you in His own time. The road may be narrow, rough, and the cloud unclear. It may seem what He promised you is not forth coming, the future may be so uncertain. Put your mind at rest, He will accomplish all for you in due season.
God achieved His plan for Abraham even at his old age. Abraham held on to God’s promise, he waited patiently for God to fulfil His promise by giving him and the wife a son. Though it was as if the promise would not come because; Abraham and the wife were old.
With God all things are possible; Abraham and Sarah had their child at their old age.
God’s promises may seem delayed; but it will surely come to pass, because He does not say what he will not achieve.
Another example of how God can achieve His purpose in somebody’s life is in the life of Joseph. God showed him a dream that he was going to be great, but what was happening to him contradicted the dream that God showed him.
Instead of Joseph to be moving up towards the ladder of greatness, he was retrogressing! He started from the pit to slavery, to potiphar’s house, then to prison. His situation was going from bad to worse, but when it was time for God to bring His purpose to pass, the table turned in his favour overnight. Joseph slept as a prisoner and woke up as a prime minister!

Humanly speaking, nobody could have thought that something good is left for Joseph again, but where human efforts, wisdom and reasoning ends, God mighty hands of achievement starts. God’s hands of achievement also turned around the situation of Esther and Mordecai. He achieved His plan and purpose for Moses. It is too early to give up on yourself, your future, and your dream. Good and brighter days are ahead of you. Hold on to God of achievement.

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