Sunday, 9 June 2013


Therefore if a man be in Christ,
He is a new creature,
Old things have passed away,
Behold all things have become new.

A new man is dead to sin,
and alive in Christ,
The old man was crucified with Jesus,
So that the new man can come into being
By resurrecting with him.

Oh what a life in Christ?
A life void of carnality,
A life free from anger, rage,
Pride, slander, and filthy language.

After the death of the old man full of anger, pride,
Jealousy, and all works of flesh, came the
"New man", beautifully clothed with
Compassion, kindness, humility,
Gentleness, patience and love.

The new man is the reflection of Christ,
The new  man is Christ like in all things,
The new man minds the things above not earthly things.

The new man surrenders his totality to God,
He lays his own will for God's will,
He does not have a mind of his own, but God's.

The new man is mindful of how he lives his life,
The new man has nothing to borrow from the old man,
The new man's watchword is "HOLINESS"

By Bolatito

© (Bolatito .c. Peter)  ( 2013)
All right reserved.

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