Sunday, 16 June 2013


The blood was on the lintel,
And on the side posts,too,
God said "when I see the blood,
I will pass over you."

The little lamb has died
In place of the first born sons,
And the blood had been applied,
There was nothing more to be done.

Perhaps some family had weak faith,
As the blood they did apply,
While others had much greater faith
That their first born would not die.

The size of faith mattered not,
'Twas the one they placed it in,
And through the blood that was applied,
They were perfectly safe within.

The lamb had died in their place,
Just as Jesus died for you,
And He has shed His precious blood,
Now there's nothing more to do.

Oh, trust this precious Saviour
To save you from your sin,
And wash you in His precious blood,
And make you pure within.

Then, forever safe in Christ,
Saved by grace alone,
Love and serve all your days,
The Lamb upon the throne.

By Joy Patterson

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