Friday, 28 June 2013


The lord Jesus said in the scripture that he would give us the kingdom key, that whatever we bound on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever we lose on earth shall be lose in heaven.
The kingdom key represents authority; he has delegated some of his authority to us as his followers. He wants us to operate at a higher level, He wants us to do more than he did when he came to this world (John 14:12) As believers, we should be bold to use the kingdom key to do “GREATER THINGS” as he has promised us.
The authority has been given to us; all we need to do is to exercise it. This kingdom key is so powerful and effective that it can open all doors, it is a multi-functional key. It can bound, lose, it can be used to open and it can be used to lock.
To be able to use the kingdom key effectively, we need to engage in intense prayer, quality worship and solid faith that can move mountain.
You cannot get a desired result from the kingdom key, if you fail to use it. If you have the key to a house, you don’t need to keep knocking and waiting; all you need to do is to use your key to open the door and safe yourself from unnecessary stress. So also when you engage prayer, praise, worship, fasting and faith, problems will be solved.

When you use the right approach and tools to get things done, you will get the right result, but when you use wrong approach and tools, frustration and disappointment is certain. Engage the kingdom key today, to bind, lose, to open and to lock. The multi-functional key is with you, use it!

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