Monday, 3 June 2013


The devil has a mixture
That appeals to young and old,
It's always advertised,
In lots of places it is sold.

It has wrecked many homes,
And sent many to the grave,
For it controls the users
'til they find they are enslaved.

How many cannot pass the pub,
Or off-licence just next door,
The craving starts for that old drink,
O they must have some more!

But the end thereof, o who can tell
The serpent's bite at last,
The adder's sting, the devil's glee,
When the pleasure is all past.

'Tis only for a season,
Then come the great eternity,
O consider now your latter end
And to Christ for mercy flee.

You cannot keep your soul alive,
In God's hand is your breath,
But on the cross He bore your sin,
He conquered sin and death.

So weak and helpless as you are,
Come, trust Him while you may,
For  He will save you from your sins
And set you free today!

By- Joy Patterson

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