Wednesday, 12 June 2013


He's my Saviour in the storms of life,
That threaten my little boat,
Why am i fearful? I'm His child,
And with Him I'll stay afloat.

He's my shepherd in the unknown path,
He knows where dangers lie,
So safely onward He shall lead
And guide me with His eye.

From these dangers, He shall be
A Shelter, safe, secure,
My refuge and my strength is He,
My Anchor, even sure.

And for all the necessities of life,
He's my supplier from above,
The one, who feeds the sparrows shall
Look after me in love.

And when this life at last is o'er,
He'll be there to comfort me,
My supporter to bring me safety Home,
Where His lovely face i'll see.

So let Him be all in all to you,
Until life's journey's done,
Then through all eternity you 'll praise
The altogether lovely one.

By- Joy Patterson