Monday, 24 June 2013


The battle was set in array,
As Israel with Amalek fought,
While up on the top of the hill,
God's blessing, the man of God sought.

When Moses held up his hand,
Joshua prevailed 'gainst the foe,
But Amalek was winning the war,
When Moses' hands were down low.

And the battle against Satan and sin,
Though men fight faithfully still,
Will not be won on the field,
If there's no one on top of the hill.

"To prayer," is the rallying cry,
Don't delay to do the Lord's will,
Lift up holy hands in His name,
You're needed on top of the hill.

For there's power in prayer, don't you know?
Without Jesus nothing is done,
Remember, it's not on the field,
But on the hill, victory is won! 

By- Joy Patterson