Thursday, 20 June 2013


We went along to the mission
In a little portable hall,
The preacher warned that someone there
Could hear God's final call.

We'd both been under conviction
For many, many days,
And we knew the lord was calling,
For He means just what He says

We'd put off trusting Jesus
Until the final night,
Now in the valley of decision,
The devil put up a fight.

"Ye will not come to me, that ye
Might have life," the saviour said,
I seem to see Him on the cross,
Dying in my stead.

I took Him as my Saviour,
There and then i was born again,
And because i wanted to tell someone,
I turned around to my friend.

She was sitting beside me weeping,
I'll never forget the sight,
As she dried her tears and whispered,
I'll get saved- but not tonight!

I told her the danger of putting it off,
For the future she could not see
But she shook her head and quietly said,                                 
"That could never happen to me."

She did not know that that same night,
She would awake with a terrible pain,
The doctors tried but nevermore
Did she consciousness regain.

I followed her coffin along the road,
Past the little portable hall,
I knew then that it was my friend,
Who had heard God's final call.

O sinners friend, because there is wrath,
Beware, lest He take thee away,
Don't boast thyself tomorrow,
But come to Christ today.

By- Joy Patterson

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