Thursday, 27 June 2013


TEXT: MATTHEW 14:25-31
Looking up to Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith..... (Hebrew 12:2) Jesus is the only one that can fill the longing that is burning in every heart. Whatever you are going through now, fix your gaze on him, do not get distracted, do not allow fear to take your eyes off him. There is no solution elsewhere aside of the lord Jesus; he is the only lasting solution. Continue to look up to him with faith.
Peter saw Jesus walking on water; he called on Jesus to tell him to come, immediately he started walking on water because he trusted the one that called him to come (Faith). His eyes were on Jesus and he was able to do the unusual (he walked on water). He was unable to finish because he allowed fear to take his eyes off Jesus and he started sinking!
Fear is the power of believing in the negative more than the positive, while faith is believing in the positive more than the negative. The one that you believe in will happen to you, when Peter believed that Jesus can make him walk on water, he did walked on water, and when fear made him to see that it is impossible to walk on water, he started sinking.
Faith makes you to float over your problem, though the problem is there; it will not wear you down, rather you will walk over it. Fear on the other hand makes you to sink like peter sank. fear causes its victim to sink in the river of trouble, our God is a merciful God, as soon as Peter called on him to safe him from drowning,   he came to his rescue. Are you sinking in the river of trouble? Or have you sunk already? Call on the lord Jesus today to rescue you. He is our ever present help in time of trouble. He is waiting for you to make that SOS call to heaven. When he rescues you, don't take your gaze off him again.
Keep looking up to Jesus the author and the finisher of your faith, remember nothing good comes from this world but above (James 1:17) Keep looking up to the hill for your help. Shalom!

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