Saturday, 22 June 2013


If we could see beyond the veil,
And life's mysteries unfold,
We'd see the providence of God
Is a story yet untold.

There were times we've been in danger,
Yet the lord had interposed
To deliver and preserve us,
Thing are not as we supposed.

An He has worked together,
Yes, all things for our good,
And that includes those bitter things
That were not understood.

And when the lord said "No", not "Yes."
To our earnest, tearful plea,
'Twas because He had a better way
That our eyes could not then see.

And when He brought us too the end
Of our resources, 'twas that He
Might be our all, our Everything,
So draw closer to Him we'd be.

Thus behind each circumstance you face,
Trace His loving, nail-pierced hand,
Just trust your lord, who is in control,
For one day you'll understand.

By Joy Patterson

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