Monday, 10 June 2013


You say you are tempted, you just can't go on,              
That the devil is singing his victory song.                
But I too was tempted on that desolate plain,              
And I had the victory o'er temptation and pain.            
You say you are broken, your spirit is low.                

Pushed and rejected and bruised from each blow.          
But I too was broken, I bled and I cried,                  
As they whipped me and stripped me and laughed till I died.

You say you are hurting your heart broke in two,        
Because of what others are doing to you.                    
But I too was hurting, my heart broken too,                
But I CHOSE to suffer all sorrow for you.                  

You say that you love me, you invited me in,                
And working together we won't lose, we'll win.              
Stand firm and be steadfast for the battle is mine.        
Behind you your past life, ahead of us time.                

A crown for you is waiting at my heavenly door,            
For your testing and trials will be over-be sure,          
Your crown will be golden, your faith will be firm,        
And all my "WORKINGS TOGETHER" you surely will learn.      

For now you see nothing, the glass is unclear,              
But be certain my child you have nothing to fear.          
For you are held safely in my loving arms,                  
Protected from Satan and all of his charms.                

Just look unto me, your burdens I'll bear.                  
And when you are crying I'll wipe every tear.              
I'll send you THE COMFORTER, for I have many plans,        
Be sure none can pluck you from MY loving hands.            

So banish all doubting, your sorrows I'll bear,            
For all of your future I've planned out with care.          
I love you my child, come nigh unto me,                    
And if you look closely, your true home you'll see.        

A mansion I've built in my heavenly home,                  
So watch child and listen, I'll come, yes I'll come.  

By- Georgina Smith


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