Saturday, 15 June 2013


TEXT: JOHN 5:2-9
Our God is all powerful, He does as He pleases. He does not follow routine or protocol to do His wonders. If He is set to do a thing, He may not do it the way people have been doing it, and He will get the best result that no one else can get.
At the pool of Bethesda sat a man with thirty eight years infirmity, he was unable to go into the pool to bath, for him to be cured. Each time the angel comes to stir the water, before he could get in, another sick person would get in before him. This continues for thirty eight years, but he waited beside the pool waiting for the day that his opportunity will come to go into the water.
On the day that his situation changed, he met with the lord Jesus Christ at the pool, Jesus asked him what he wanted, and he explained his ordeal of thirty eight years to Jesus. The protocol of going down into the pool to bath before being whole was broken that day. Jesus told him to stand up and take his bed and go. Immediately the man was made whole. A lesson from this is that no matter how long you have been expectant of a change in your situation, an encounter with the lord Jesus would put an end to the long protocol to achieve your success.
He will quicken and accelerate your progress, the years that you have spent in the “waiting room” would be redeemed, and you will give him all the glory.

A day of His visitation will make your success to be better than those that have achieved before you. Ask for His divine visitation today.

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