Sunday, 16 June 2013


Is it nothing to you,
All ye that pass by?
That for you I did bleed,
And for you I did die.

Is it nothing to you
That I'm able to save?
Able to break
All the chains that enslave

Is it nothing to you
That i'd salvation impart?
If only you'd open
The door of your heart.

Is it nothing to you
That I want to come in?
To save you and cleanse you
From all of your sin.

'Twill be something to you
When death's cold embrace
Ushers you out,
The judgement to face.

'Twill be something to you,
When before the white throne,
You'll be facing the judge
To answer alone.

The Judge, who is now
The Saviour of men,
Is it nothing to you
I ask you again?

While now in time,
Do no longer delay,
But trust now in Jesus,
Receive Him today.

By- Joy Patterson