Friday, 14 June 2013


Some factors are responsible for lack of quality praise to God. Talking of quality praise; it means praise that attracts the attention of God and it’s full of God’s anointing. God does not accept any praise; as I have earlier said, there are some conditions to be met before God will indwell your praise. God is a God of excellence, He demanded excellent praise from us, and He wants you to praise Him with understanding. You should know why you are praising Him; praise Him with faith, assurance, and confidence. Do not praise God with doubt, fear like I mention in previous chapter, in this chapter your attention will be drawn to conditions or features you need to posses to be able to praise God truthfully without any hindrance in your praise.
Sin is a determinant factor that separate man and God, sin put people from the high place that God has put them into bottomless pit. Sin demotes its victims and makes them to be irrelevant in the kingdom of God.
The account of Adam and eve shows how sin can destabilise its victim, they were in the Garden of Eden enjoying the glory of God, and they get the best things without labouring for them. When sin crept in; the glory of God departed from them. They started labouring hard, they were sent out from the Garden of Eden where God put everything in their care, all the benefits they used to enjoy was taken away from them because of their sin.
The bible says for all have sinned and fall short of the  glory of God, we are all sinners, but once you acknowledge your sin; and go to God for the remission of your sin, He is faithful and just to forgive you. If you are living in sin; you need to repent of your sin and make your way right with God. The bible says God’s eyes are too pure to behold iniquity; God’s presence cannot be evident where there is sin.
(Proverb 15:8)” “The Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him” you cannot be living in sin and ask grace to abound. Purge yourself of all sin and guilt; make your ways straight with God. Make sure that there is no hidden sin in your life for your praise to be acceptable unto God.
No righteousness of Jesus will cover any transgression that is continual, repent and get the remission of your sin; we are to be in remission of sin as the saint of the almighty God, without any traces of sin left in us.
You cannot serve two masters; as long as you are still servant of sin; you cannot be servant of God; neither can you be carrier of God’s glory. sin separates people from God, sin brings communication barrier between you and God, it also breaks your relationship with Him.
Another hindrance to quality praise is unbelief, people allow things that are happening around them to make them to be living in unbelief. The situation they are in makes it impossible for them to belief the sovereign power of our Lord, they are not sure if God can solve their own problem, their unbelief has made them to forget that with God nothing shall be impossible.Lukewarmness is another factor that hinders praise; you should not relent in your commitment to God. After giving your life to Christ; you need to be increasing in the knowledge of God, so that you will be relevant in the kingdom of God.