Saturday, 1 June 2013


If you fail to praise God; you have not fulfil the purpose of your creation, and you have disobeyed God. (Exodus 9:1)
Disobedience to God’s words or commands, has great repercussions, this can be seen in the book of Deuteronomy 28 from verse15, whoever disobeys God; will be under curse and after this earth; he might not make heaven.   I pray we will not incur the wrath of God in Jesus name.
Disobedience is the root cause of problems people are having with God. As parents we like our children to heed to instructions given to them, so also it is with God. He is your maker; He knows what He created you for, He does not want to be questioned because He is the all knowing God. Anytime you walk in line with the instruction of God, you can be rest assured that you will not regret it, but failure to comply with His instructions may be dangerous.
Failure to praise God causes spiritual emptiness, when a believer fails to praise God; the presence of God may not be felt in his life, it is the spirit of God that directs us and reveals thing to us, when you are not having close fellowship with God; how can His spirit be in you?
When Moses was going to Egypt to bring the Israelite; he was afraid to  face Pharaoh, but when God told him that He was going to be with him, this gave Moses confidence to go down to Egypt.
If the presence of God is not with you, things may be difficult. His presence gives you boldness and victory over the enemy. Failure to praise God means defeat from the enemies.
Praise less life makes one to give into fear; a believer who fails to praise God will have fear ruling him instead of faith. Fear destroys ones life, when fear comes in to somebody’s life; it dominates and brings about confusion. Dealing with fear can only be done by the help of the Lord, but when you don’t have the presence of God in your life; you can not conquer your fear.
Failure to praise God; makes the person to be surrounded with things that brings sadness. The joy of salvation is what makes believer to be joyful every time. Failing to praise God makes one to forget about the joy of being in the Lord and all the promises of God for His children. The devil does not like seeing people happy, so he looks for a way to make them think there is no reason for praising God in their life, this makes them to live in sadness.
When you don’t praise God; you wouldn't care about the state of your heart, when you do not go to the presence of the lord to praise Him, your mind will be filled with all filthy and negative thoughts that can cause God to hide His eyes away. The bible tells us that His eyes are too pure to behold iniquity, if you are the type that cannot do without praising God; you will make your heart pure and filled with things that glorify God, but if you don’t praise; you would not bother about what you have in your heart. Our hearts can be referred to as “the store house” whatever you store in determines your level of relationship with God. When you don’t praise God you will be living a care free life and wouldn't be bothered about what you have in your “store house”.

Failure to praise God; could make one to live a life of shame and reproach, it is God that promotes and makes ones light to shine, but when you refuse to praise Him; He could decide to leave you to yourself until you recognise Him and ready to make amends. A life without the glory and the presence of God; makes one to continue to struggle without much result. (Psalm 75:6-7) “No one from the east or the west or from the desert can exalt a man. But it is God who judges: He brings one down, He exalts another”
 Praising God should be our ultimate goal; if we want God to be delighted in us. Never cease to praise God, praise Him in season and out of season, make praise your lifestyle; by so doing; you will be able to praise yourself to breakthrough, and you will be able to praise yourself to heart of God like David did.

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