Thursday, 13 June 2013


TEXT- 2 KINGS 7:1, 16
All things are possible with God, He can do the unusual. What will take days, months, and years for man to do, God can do it in a second! He is the sovereign God; He does not need to contact anybody on how to get things done. He does not need an additional wisdom or advice from man before solving a problem.
There was famine in Samaria to the extent that they have started eating their children, the king could do nothing to help the situation, but the king of kings was able to do something concerning the terrible situation, and the siege was lifted overnight.
God worked through Prophet Elisha to decree into their situation saying “About this time tomorrow a seah of floor will sell for a shekel and two seahs of barley for a shekel at the gate of Samaria”  Who could have believed that it can be possible to turn around a situation that has been on for a long time. The scripture says everything is possible to them that that believe. The officer that did not believe the prophesy saw it, but did not eat of it.
In that situation that you are in, that age long problem you are struggling with can be dealt with by God in a second. All we need to be asking for is His mercy and favour. For God to make the prophesy of “about this time tomorrow” to come to pass, He created fear and terror in the camp of Arameans, causing them to hear the sound of chariots and horses and a great Army. They fled leaving all their belongings. This made LACK to turn to ABUNDANCE in Samaria over night. It does not take time for God to turn around any unpleasant situation of His children.

Our God is good; He is our present help in time of trouble. You don’t need to know how He is going to solve your problem, because He has different strategies to turn situations around for good. He may decide to use problem to bring out your expected victory. Put your trust in Him and know that the long standing mountains of problem can become plane within a twinkling of an eye, and you will recover all that you have lost. (Joel 2:25)

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