Thursday, 16 May 2013


If you lay up treasures in Heaven,
You may be considered a wee bit odd!
But though many things are changing,
Not so, the word of God.

The command is still in Mathew,
It shall not pass away,
Keep your eyes upon eternity,
Not just on the present day.

The moth will eat the fabric,
The rust corrupt and mar,
The thieves will steal your treasure,
And carry it afar.

But in the place called Heaven,
You won't need an insurance plan,
No anti-rust, nor anti-theft,
Nor moth-killer can!

For where your treasure is, we read,
Your heart will be there, too,
How much, then, have you laid up
In the place prepared for you?

Or will you, one day, have regret
That you spent money and energy,
Only for the things of time,
And not eternity?

Author- Joy Patterson.

Image- Google image