Friday, 31 May 2013


TEXT: JOHN 4:4-15, JOHN 7:38
What do you understand by the word “the living water?” Living means when something is alive or when something has life.
Therefore “living water” refers to running, moving, flowing, healthy water which support life. This type of water is safe for drinking, and for other things we use water for.
The opposite of living water is still stagnant water, which can cause diseases, instead of good health.
Water is essential in human living. It is vital for drinking, cooking, cleaning and so on. No human being can live without water; you can hardly do your day to day living without water. The maximum you can stay without water is between five to ten days.
In the same vein, Spiritual water is also essential for believers so that they can grow and be spiritually healthy. Spiritual water helps to nourish  believers body, soul and spirit. A believer that refuses to drink the spiritual water will always be thirsty of satisfactions that are to be derived from God, he will also be spiritually stagnant like the still water. Such person will be spiritually weak and unhealthy. The spiritual satisfactions that are meant to be derived from God cannot be gotten from any other source. A lot of people have tried to search elsewhere for this satisfaction, but they ended up not satisfied.

Jesus told the woman at the well that if she drinks from the water from the well, she would still be thirsty, but if she drinks from the living water which only he can give, she would not be thirsty forever. This explain why those people that goes around looking for satisfaction outside God end up becoming more thirsty, because it is only God that can satisfy our needs. “Thirst” in this context can be explained as longing for something, or searching for solution or a way out of a particular situation.
Jesus has given out the invitation in Isaiah 55:1. He is the only one that can quench our “thirst” that we will never be thirsty again. He is the only one that can satisfy us.crave for the living water today so that you will be satisfied.

  • The “living water” means the Holy Spirit (John 7:38-39) if you accept to drink from the living water, the Holy Spirit would indwell and empower you to do great exploit.

  • The living water makes you a new creature, by wiping away your past, give you a new beginning in God and a hope for better future.

  • The living water makes the presence of God to be evident in your life, because Jesus promise that spring of living water will flow from within us. (John 7:38)

  • The living water enables you to do the unusual.

  • The living water gives you peace and comfort from God. (John 14:27)

  • Assurance of eternal life (John 6:63)

  • Boldness to do things you cannot do with your own ability. (Act 10:38)

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