Thursday, 2 May 2013


TEXT: 2 KINGS 19:14-16, 2 CHRONICLES 16: 12-13, 2 KINGS 1: 1-4, 17
Where is your first point of call when there is a problem or affliction? Do you run to God your creator? Do you run to man for help? Or do you seek solution from the kingdom of darkness?
Majority of us runs to man to solve our problem for us, neglecting our GREAT GOD that can calm every storm. How mistaken are we! Running to man for solution to your problem will only make the problem more complicated.

There is little or nothing man can do to help fellow man. Even when they have the help within their reach, they may decide not to do it, and if they choose to do it, it may come with conditions. Failure to meet the condition; means that the help will be retrieved.
(Psalms 146: 3) “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot safe”. Human beings are limited in power, wisdom and knowledge. Unlike human being; our God is an all knowing God that can do all things. He is limitless in power, knowledge and wisdom.

We will be looking at  the lives of three people from our text, they are HEZEKIAH, KING ASA, and KING AHAZIAH. These three people had problem that they wanted solution to, but they had different approach to solve their problems.
Hezekiah got a letter from the messengers, read it and went up to the temple of God to spread it before the lord. King Asa on the other hand was afflicted with a disease, he did not seek help from the lord, and instead he went and sought help from physicians. At the end King Asa died of the illness.
King Ahaziah was also sick, instead of him to seek the face of God, he send people to go to the priests of Baal to ask if he would be healed of the sickness. This made God to be angry with him and God sent Elijah to tell him that he will die of the sickness because he has failed to recognise Him as God.

It is good to seek the faced of God when you are going through any difficult situation.  Problems could be as a result of afflictions from the enemies. It could also be from God, so that He could bring the best out from us. That is why it is very important to seek the face of God when there is a problem, so that you will be able to know the mind of God. If
The problem is as a result of disobedience; you will be able to repent and amend your ways.
Many people prefer to go to friends to seek counsel when things are not working well for them, friends may give you advice that will make the problem to become worse. They may not do it intentionally; human beings are limited in knowledge. There are some that seek refuge in the kingdom of darkness when they are in problem, the kingdom of darkness cannot solve any problem permanently, and sooner or later the problem will come back in multiple folds. The best thing to do when going through any difficult situation is to seek the face of God. He may be using the situation to draw your attention or to train you, and if the problem is from the kingdom of darkness, he is the only lasting solution.


v    TO DIRECT YOU-Problem often point us in a new direction. God can use any problem to get your attention. (Act 9: 3-5)

v    TO INSPECT YOU- God may use that problem to know your reaction towards Him during trials. He may be testing your faith. (James 1:2-3)

v    FOR CORRECTION- We learn some lesson through pain and failure. God allows some people to learn in a hard way. Maybe they have been warned and they refuse to yield to God. He can use the problem to correct them.

v    TO PROTECT –A problem can be a blessing in disguise. God can bring a problem your way to avert a greater future problem. (Gen 50:20)

v    TO MAKE YOU PERFECT- After having a right attitude towards God during trials. God will make you perfect and build your character so that you will be fit for His glorious assignment.

Take your problem to God, seek His face and wait upon His promise. It may seem too long or too late, but He has the perfect solution to every problem. His solution to every problem is worth waiting for!

Are you in any difficult situation? Are you feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere? Are you in a confused state that you don’t know what to do? Keep hope alive! Don’t run to man; take your problem to the throne of grace and not the phone of gossip. Run to Him today, His arms are wide open waiting for you!

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