Tuesday, 28 May 2013


We do not know what this new year
Will hold for you and me,
For God has kindly drawn a veil
O'er the future and we can't see

What blessing or trial lie ahead,
But this we can discern,
That the lord in His grace and mercy,
Has precious lessons for us to learn.
He teaches us that the unknown way
Is under His control,
He knoweth every step we'll take,
So upon your Lord now roll

All your care, fears, anxiety,
He hath made and He will bear
you upon His shoulders, safe, secure,
And He'll carry all your care.

But another lesson He would teach
Step by step along the way,
Don't worry about the future, child,
Just trust Him for today.

He'll give you grace, He'll give you strength,
And courage for every task,
Whate'er your need, He will supply,
And don't forget to ask
For grace to help in time of need,

For He will take care of you,
And day by day as you prove your Lord,
Don't forget to thank Him, too.

So the unknown future, yet known to Him,
Will be lived in God's own way,
By not worrying over tomorrow,
But trusting Him for every day.

Author- Joy Patterson

Image- Google Image