Saturday, 4 May 2013


 One sunny afternoon in the ‘80s, Favour (not real name) was in the company of her friends, they were in secondary school. They attended the same school, Favour was a quiet and easy going girl, but the friends were not as quiet and reserved as she was. After closing hour on this very day, favour and the friends decided to walk home, Favour was suppose to go home in a public transport, but because of her friends; she decided to walk.
On their way going; they saw a truck that was about to move, Favour’s friends quickly climbed the truck and sat at the back of the truck without the driver’s knowledge. (The truck that carries gravels and sand) Favour wanted to join the friends in the truck, she held the truck and was climbing, but before she could lift her other leg from the ground, the truck started moving! She tried to hold tight to the truck, she lifted her other leg to stand on the pole fixed at the back of the truck. She was actually hanging! The truck was at a high speed at that time. She was hanging at the back of a truck going on a highway; the driver of the truck had no knowledge of what was happening, the friends were unable to save her by pulling her into the truck. Suddenly; one of the friends said “Favour; look at your mummy’s car coming! Favour was so scared that she let go off her hands, she fell from the back of the high truck face down to the road while other cars were coming!
The friends were so surprised at what happened, they started shouting calling the driver to stop. The driver could not believe what was happening without him knowing.
Our God knew us before we were conceived (Jeremiah 1:5) He has plan for each and everyone of us; He knows where He is taking us to. If not for the intervention of God, Favour could have died on the spot, either by broken skull from the fall; or by an oncoming vehicle to run over her. Favour stood up without a scratch! Imagine a thirteen year old girl to have fallen from a moving truck at a high speed on a highway, and came out safe without any injury! It can only be God.
Favour was able to live because God has chosen her for an assignment. The devil could have terminated the plan of God in her life if not for the mercy of God. Not all youth will be fortunate like favour; a lot of youths have given way to devil to truncate their destiny through bad company, youthful exuberance and other deadly tricks of the devil. May God keep His watchful eyes on our children so that they can fulfil purpose in Jesus name.  Today; Favour is a great vessel of honour in the hands of God almighty, she is busy doing great exploit for the kingdom of God. To God be the glory!

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