Monday, 20 May 2013


 TEXT- JUDGES 13:2-5, 24, JUDGES 16: 1, 4, 1 SAMUEL 2: 30-32
God created each and every one of us with the plan to make us His “master piece”. He wants us to be useful vessels for His glory. His plan and purpose for us is of good and not of evil. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Despite the fact that God has great and wonderful plan for us, we have a part to play for His plan and purpose to come to pass in our lives. You don’t have to say because God has shown you were He is taking you to; that you don’t need to walk in obedience to His commandments anymore.
You need to be obedient and walk in His ways so that He will direct you to your destiny.

God is a faithful God; He does not say what He will not do, He is not a man that He should lie. For Him to fulfil His promise; you need to play your own part, which is obedience. The text (Judges 13:2-5) tells us the purpose of God for Samson; he was to be a great vessel of honour in the hand of his maker. God wanted to use him to deliver the Israelite from the Philistines, but his lust for women made him to become the captive. He exchanged his destiny for lust of the eye and reckless way of life.

Samson was strong physically; he was able to kill a lion with his bare hands, he was able to kill thousands with the jaw bone of an animal, but he was spiritually weak. He could not overcome the lust in his life, his reckless way of life cost him his destiny and he died a terrible death.
A lot of people are in Samson’s shoes, the plan and purpose of God for their lives was to be tools in the hands of God, but because of their reckless way of life, lust, impatience, lack of perseverance, and inability to subdue their flesh, they ended up trading their destiny to the devil.

A lot of celebrities started from church. Instead of them to use their God given talents to the glory of God, they traded it for “VAIN GLORY” that will last but for a moment. The devil gives people vain glory that does not last, and rob them of their destiny. The other text (1 Samuel 2:30-32) talked about the children of Eli the prophet. God promised him that his house and his father’s house would minister before Him forever; He said that they will live to their old age, but because of the way Eli’s children were behaving, God was forced to change His mind against Eli’s household.

Eli’s children became so bad that they have no respect for God; they do as they wanted without honouring God. God placed a curse on them and their generation to come. Eli’s children died on the same day, their destiny was traded for untimely death. (1 Peter 5:8) says that your enemy the devil prowls up and down like a roaring Lion, looking for whom to devour. The devil is not resting; he is seriously on “recruiting exercise” to his kingdom. He does not want to see any believer to fulfil destiny, because he missed his own destiny by equalising himself with God. What he was unable to achieve; he does not want believers to achieve too. You have to put the devil to shame by taking extra care to guide your destiny.

For every of God’s promise; there is a condition. You need to meet the condition before you can get the promise. The kind of life you live can erode you of your blessing, and it can also accelerate the fulfilment of your destiny. Live your life to meet the plan and purpose of God. Live to please Him; so that He can please you in return.

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