Saturday, 6 April 2013


God ordained marriage so that husband and wife could be helpful to themselves. Marriage is also for companionship, couple should see themselves as one mind, one soul operating in two bodies.
(Gen 2:18)God created Eve for Adam as help meet, to love and to share things together. God did not create her to be Adam's maid or servant.

God took out Adam's rib to create Eve. It is not because God ran out of resources to make Eve, but to proof a point to human beings. (That they are one). On this note, men should see their wives as their equal half rather than seeing them as their subordinates.
The first reason why God instituted marriage is for companionship and mutual relationship. For this to be achieved there must be effective communication between couple.

There are other reasons why marriage institution is established, but if the above reason is not met, other reasons that will be discussed later may be difficult to meet. (Gen 2:20-23) the scripture says “but for Adam: no suitable helper was found” this is so because Adam could not relate or communicate with the animals because they have nothing in common. When God finished creating Eve, Adam said “this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”

When you are in marriage institution, your spouse should be seen as the bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh, this makes living together as couple easy and peaceful. Seeing your spouse as your “better half” would make peace, love and harmony to reign in the family. The home would be free from fight, discord, anger, hatred and unforgivable spirit.

  • For fruitfulness (Genesis 1:28) to have children.
  • To bear each others burden (helping in each others weakness) where your spouse is weak; you may be strong there, so use your strength to cover his weakness.
  • To raise and train children in the way of the lord.
  • To help each other financially, spiritually, and morally.
  • For sexual satisfaction, so that there would not be any cause for adultery. (1 Corinthians 7:2-5
  • To love and care for each other


Couple are one mind and soul operating in two physical bodies. They can fulfil the law of “two coming together to become one” by doing the following:

  • They should make Christ the solid rock of the marriage.
  • They should see themselves as equal. (Don't think you are better or knowledgeable than your spouse)
  • They should know how to settle their disagreement mutually without involving other parties.
  • They need to know the right channel to seek counsel on issues that concern their home. If need be, godly counsel from the pastor would be better. (This should be the last result.)
  • They should not keep record of wrong against themselves. Instead it should be addressed.
  • They should be able to say the “magic word” “sorry” to each other without problem.
  • There should be effective communication for both parties to be able to pour out their minds without further problem or fear.
  • The in-laws should know their boundaries and maintain it.
  • As couple your spouse should know everything about you without holding back some “secret”
  • They should both discuss how to run the home and how to discipline the children.
  • They should love their spouse as themselves. (Ephesians 5:29)
  • There should be mutual trust in the home.
  • There should be tolerance, as there is no perfect being. What you want your spouse to improve on should be discussed politely with love.
  • Couple should respect each other, remember; respect is reciprocal. It should not be one sided.
  • couple should make sure that their weaknesses are known and accepted by each other, and try as much as possible to see beyond their weaknesses, and allow their area of strength to overrule their weaknesses. (In other word; accept each others weakness, love your spouse even with the weakness, because nobody is perfect).