Tuesday, 23 April 2013


 It was on a Sunday morning, I was busy preparing myself and the children for church. As I was rushing to get things done quickly so that I would not be late for church, I went into my son’s room to wake him up, I helped him to bring his clothes out from the wardrobe, and I told him that I was not going to iron it for him. As a teenager he should be independent to do some things for himself.
He rushed into the bathroom, (he woke up late) Alas! I found myself doing what I said I was not going to do for him (ironing) I did that because he was getting late for church. (Compassion) as I was ironing the lord dropped this illustration into my heart. Chocolate mould, cup cake mould, ice cube mould all come in different shapes. It is the shape of the mould that will determine what you will get from it. For instance, you cannot pour something inside a square mould and expect to get a round shaped object.
In the same way; parents are mould that gives shape to their children. Either you are a
Christian or not, as long as you are a mother or a father, you are moulding the children. The question we need to ask ourselves is “what shape am I moulding?” God gave us the privilege to be parents, the children are His, but He put them in our care to nurture and train them in the way of the lord. The world is moulding the children to its own shape by attacking both parents and children with the ideas that will make them to be “acceptable” in the society. Things like expensive gifts, spending extravagantly on birthday parties, violent movies and games, ungodly music, lack of respect for parents and elders and inappropriate dressing and things like that.

Like the example of different moulds I mentioned earlier, as parent; you can only mould your children to your shape. Children learn faster from what they can see, and they see us as their role model. That is why it is very important to live right, so that we can be proud of our children when they come out in our shape.
If you are a fighter, a back bitter, a whore monger and so on, apparently your children will emulate you, either consciously or unconsciously. If you are the type that put on clothes that reveal more than it covers, be expecting your children to follow suit, because that is what you are moulding them to become.
You cannot be doing something wrong and be telling the children to do the right thing, or expect them to follow the right path. Neither can you scold them when they decide to follow your path, because you are the mould that is moulding them to the shape they are in.
As parents; let us strife to mould our children to positive and glorious shape. If you are the type that forgive easily, and love to help people, the children will cultivate the habit from you. If you show compassion to others, your children will do the same. If you are the stingy and harsh type; that is the same way your children will behave, because they will think that is the right way of life.
May the good God grant us the grace to and wisdom to mould our children to the shape that will bring glory to His name. Keep on moulding Godly children.

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