Wednesday, 24 April 2013


When Jesus was with the multitude, after he had finished preaching, he wanted to offer them something to eat, and there was nothing. One of the disciples had five loaves of Bread and two Fishes, Jesus gave thanks to
God; and started sharing the bread and fish. The multitude ate and they had leftover, then Jesus said unto the disciples “gather the pieces that are leftover. Let nothing be wasted.” Jesus was the one that multiplied five loaves and two fishes that fed 5,000 people. He has the power to keep multiplying the food as long as he wants. By virtue of his power, he is not suppose to be interested in leftovers, after all he was the one that multiplied five loaves till they could pack twelve baskets as leftover. Since he has the power to multiply things to be in abundance; he should have allowed the leftover to be wasted. Jesus did not take the grace of God upon his life for granted; he requested that the leftover should be collected. Let everything in you speak for His glory. Jesus advice can be applied to physical and spiritual things. Make use of all he has deposited in you. Use your time wisely, use the word of God constantly, use your faith, your intellect, wisdom, talents, experience etc.  When Jesus was on earth; he made everything he did on earth count, he did not waste anything. We are told to emulate Jesus, as nothing was wasted in his life, we should not let anything be wasted in our lives. Not even the things we see as “trivial” things.
Jesus taught us a lesson when he said the disciples should gather the leftover so that they will not waste. Physically; do not waste your resources that God has made available for you. Be prudent with resources! Spiritually, do not look down on any gift or talent God has given to you. Do not allow your spiritual gift to lie in waste. Make every effort to “gather” your physical resources and spiritual gifts and talents. As Jesus said “LET NOTHING BE WASTED! Those little resources or the unnoticed gifts or talents could be what God will use to launch you out. When Jesus received the five loaves and two fishes, he gave thanks to God. Do not look down any resources or talent, give thanks to God and see Him multiplying them for you. Pay attention to every little physical and spiritual resource, gather them together, let nothing be wasted. Use them to the glory of your giver. Shalom! 

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