Thursday, 28 March 2013



TEXT- JUDGES 16: 6-20                                     
Nobody loves us more than our God; His love for us is true and sure. He gave us dominion over everything He created, He delegated some of His power to us, but He did not reveal the secret behind His strength and greatness to us. (Psalm 145: 3) This is not because He loves us less, but He knows that there should be boundary. God said we should be like Him in all that we do. He is a wise God, and as His children we cannot be foolish.

Samson’s destruction came because he could not control his mouth, as strong as he was, he could not tame his mouth, his tongue which is the smallest part of his body caused his downfall. This implies that you may be rich, strong, intelligent, influential and spiritually sound, if you don’t tame your tongue or if you don’t learn how to be quiet or talk less, you may talk yourself to trouble.
Talking too much can expose your strength and your weakness to your enemies. Not revealing all your secrets to people does not mean you don’t love them, and telling everybody about yourself does not show your “unfailing love” for them, rather it shows that you are weak and not being able to control your mouth. Delilah betrayed Samson three times before he finally opened up on his source of strength. This shows that he was foolish; God said we should be wise as serpent and be as gentle as dove. We need divine wisdom to be able to sail through  in this world. Samson found it difficult to learn from his mistake, he had been betrayed by a woman once even before Delilah came into scene. 

His first betrayal happened when he told a riddle about the honey he ate from the lion that he killed, he said whoever finds answer to the riddle will be rewarded. A girl that he wanted to marry was used to retrieve the answer from him. He became angry and was unable to marry the girl, but he did not learn any lesson from the incidence. Samson refused to caution himself, he refused to bridle his tongue until he ended in destruction.
Some of us are like Samson; that we keep falling and falling by the words of our mouth, without making a change to the way we talk. You may be a prayer warrior, your anointing may be like that of Elijah and Elisha altogether, if you don’t control your mouth; your fall will be very easy. May we not fall into the hands of our enemies in Jesus name!

Be eager to hear and be slow to answer. Always remember “IN QUIETNESS LIES YOUR STRENGTH” (Isaiah 30:15) Bridle your tongue!